Private Roads

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Motor Fuel Tax

Section 6-701.8 of the “Illinois Highway Code” provides that “not more than 50% of allocated Motor Fuel Tax funds may be expended for maintenance and improvement of eligible non-dedicated subdivision roads whose property owners shall provide proportional matching contributions, whether in cash, kind, services or otherwise.”

Twenty-five non-dedicated subdivisions in Algonquin Township apply each spring for their proportionate share of the Highway Department’s MFT funds. Upon approval from the Township Board and the County Highway Department, vouchers are issued to each subdivision for the amount of their fair share.

Subdivisions may use these funds for aggregate (road gravel), recycled asphalt, bituminous patching mixture, seal coating, grading and ditching, purchase of ice control mixtures, or a number of miscellaneous items.

County Non-Dedicated Roads (NDR) Program

MFT funds can yield enough dollars to bring most non-dedicated subdivision roads up to standards. Recognizing this, McHenry County has set aside funds to pave these roads, provided they first meet all other applicable standards. Cooperation between the County Highway Department, subdivisions in question, and the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner may eventually bring some of these roads into the Algonquin Township road system.

In most situations, subdivision residents come up with enough money, materials, and labor to prepare the base for the road and the associated drainage by using MFT funds and private contributions. The recipe for success under this program combines subdivision money with Township and County advice, cooperation, and final paving. Beginning in 1997, Township Highway Departments have been freed of some of the legal restraints to helping non-dedicated subdivisions. Now it is possible for township employees and township equipment to be used to help non-dedicated subdivisions, providing a formal plan leading to township acceptance is in place. Contact the Highway Commissioner for details.

County NDR Forms can be accessed at:

Other Support

The Algonquin Township Highway Department stands ready to help non-dedicated subdivisions in all legal ways. Advice, some engineering support, technical assistance, and encouragement are available through the Township or the County on request by subdivisions that wish to upgrade their roads.