Department Services

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What We Do For You

  • Plow snow and spread ice control on over fifty five miles of township roads

  • Maintenance: Resurface, patch and repair township roads, shoulders, and ditches

  • Mowing and ongoing maintenance of township rights-of-ways

  • Maintenance of township culverts

  • Maintenance, repair, and replacement of more than 800 warning, informational, and regulatory signs and posts

  • Provide street lighting at major intersections

  • Sweeping of township roads

  • Issuance of permits for installation of driveways, culverts, right of way improvements, new utility installation, and overweight vehicles

  • Trimming and removal of trees and branches that interfere with safe vehicle operation and/or visibility

  • The removal of dead animals within township rights of way

  • Provide extensive recycling services

  • Provide qualifying seniors and disabled residents transportation services

  • Active participation in a non-dedicated road program

  • Save taxpayers money with intergovernmental agreements

Have a Street Lamp Out?